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Star Fleet Academy Train the Trainer Workshop (T/T 2013)

  • 27 Jul 2013
  • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Vancouver



Star Fleet Academy 2013 Train the Trainer Workshop

Mission: to boldly go where no legal educator has gone before

Captain: Dom C. Bautista USS Enterprise


9 Opening hailing frequencies |
Introductions from the Star Fleet delegates and warm up exercise

9:30 Learning Styles of Vulcans |
This exercise will allow you to better understand how Vulcans prefer to learn and process information.

9:45 Getting to Know You: Humans are from Earth, Klingons are from Qo'nos |
Dom Bautista will help you to explore how gender, generation and status within a star fleet can help or hinder learning.

10:00 Bloom's Learning Theory  Part 1 |
The application of Bloom's Theory in Adult Legal Education is presented. This portion will cover: knowledge, comprehension and application.

10:30 Romulan Break

10:45 Captain's Log |
Before Captain Kirk leaves for any mission, he enters his plan and thoughts in his log (aka lesson plan). You will learn about the fundamentals of designing an effective lesson plan.

11:15 McCoy's Method to HCCRA Claims | 
Amy Kelly will lead a simple hands on technique- by giving out the forms when a Health Costs Recovery Act related file is involved. She will discuss the clause that goes in a Notice of Civil Claim and provide the authority as set out in the Act. She will then facilitate a discussion of the situations in which the forms are or are not required.

11:30 Mind Meld / Away Team / Federation! | 
Sharon Mah having partitioned the components of a chambers application into three parts: Notice of Application, Response and Affidavit, will divide the class into pairs (Mind Meld) with each pair taking a component (Away Team). Then all will gather back together to put together an application record (the Federation).

11:45 Review of the morning session

12:00 Lunch at the Holodeck

1:30 Bloom's Learning Theory  Part 2 |
The application of Bloom's Theory in Adult Legal Education continues. This portion will cover: analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

2:00 Beam me up Scotty! | 
Kelly Fisher, who was on Quadrant 4 when she delivered her original lecture on what must be contained in an affidavit: "Just the facts please!", will re-broadcast it through the ship's viewscreen. Using a fact pattern, her legal staff will then have to draft an affidavit.

2:15 A Warrior's Guide to MVAs |
Roxanne Fonagy will teach the science officers of the fleet how to do interview witnesses.  Lt. Worf from Enterprise is visiting Earth to study things and witnesses a motor vehicle accident.  Roxanne will discuss what general information to gather and will have the officers break off into groups and role play.

2:30 Data's Comcorder |
Penny March, medical officer, will give her interns an opportunity to role play on how to conduct an effective intergalactic telephone conversation to expedite the release of a medical report from the Ferengis who, having been paid upfront, are not being cooperative. As usual.

2:45 The Search for Spock’s Brain | Shana Smith, cognitive specialist with the Federation, will show an animated 3D YouTube video on brain structure and function; she will then give a medical diagram test.

3:00 Romulan Break

3:15 Games Romulans Play |
Do games help learning? Does it matter if the Borg participate or not?

3:30 Star Trek: The Next Generation? | Finding the equilibrium between high and no-tech techniques.

3:45 Space the Final Frontier? | Is your journey to find truth about teaching legal learners nearing? Or is it just the beginning?

4:00 Federation Wrap-up | Final words from the members of Star Fleet.

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