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Trial Preparation for Family Law (TPF 101)

  • 01 Jun 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Vancouver


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Professional Development Course:

Trial Preparation for Family Law 101: New Paradigms for Family Rules (TPF 101)

Instructor: Wendy Matthews,
Senior Paralegal, G Thomas & Associates

Law Courts Center
Continuing Professional Development Room
#150 - 840 Howe St., Vancouver, BC V6Z2L2


Click here for the course materials which sets out the learning outcomes, pre-course and in-class activities.

This your best opportunity to learn about the new Family Rules of the Supreme Court of BC and how to use them to your advantage. You will work with the different Forms and learn how they can affect your case. This course is a prerequisite to the intermediate level course. For those with trial experience, you will pick up new coping strategies and for those new to trial preparation, you will learn what must be done and when.

These are the learning outcomes for the course:

1. Understand the object of the Family Rules, and what needs to be accomplished for the trial judge to make a final decision.  Review how to calculate time requirements, and the use of worksheets to ensure steps and procedures are done.

2. Understand what triggers the necessity for a Financial Statement what information and documents are required and when.

3. Understand what triggers the requirement for a List of Documents, and review the meaning of privileged documents.

4. Review what might be required for each case depending on the various claims. 

5. Understand why Judicial Case Conferences are required, and how to get the most out of them.

6. Review various types of expert report and the needs of the child report.

7. Understand when and how to set down a trial, and the requirement for a Trial Management Conference.  Review time lines for filing Trial Records, Trial Certificates, and Notices to Produce, as well as Notices of Intention to Call Adverse Party as a Witness.  Review form of Final Order, when a Certificate of No Appeal is required, as well as Certificates of Divorce.

8. Understand the necessity for Examinations for Discovery, and the procedure and requirements.  Discuss when Interrogatories can be utilized, as well as Examination and inspection of persons and property.  Review Notices to Admit and understand the importance to meet the time lines for responding.

9. Review pre-trial resolutions procedures, including Settlement Conferences, Offers to Settle; Summary Trials; 4-way meetings, and mediation.

10. Gain knowledge regarding “lay witnesses” and review requirements for Subpoenas.

11. Review final trial preparation, and what to do if the trial settles at the last minute.

This course offers:

  • an interactive class providing hands-on practice in preparing documents;
  • time-saving tips on how to manage your documents;
  • a limit of 14 participants, to ensure optimum learning;
  • printed and digital versions of the Desk Reference Manual, including useful checklists, flowcharts and precedents.
CPD hours: 7.0
Ethics, professional responsibility, client care relations hours: 1.0

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Single Seat Rate: $514.50
Multi Seat Rate: $498.75 (per person)
Desk Reference Manual: $246.75

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