Raising The Bar In Legal Education

Train the Trainer 2014 (T/T 20114)

  • 16 Aug 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Vancouver
Professional Development Course:

Train the Trainer 2014

This is what we are doing for the day.

Learning Styles of Superheroes|

Are Superheroes Omniscient? | Why do superheroes go for continuing professional development?

Bloom's Taxonomy | An exploration of the cognitive domain of a legal learner's mind so we can better design their learning activities.

Professor X Lesson Plan 101 | How to design an effective lesson plan.

Showcase | Presenters have been given 15 minutes to use a techinique they have never tried before:
1. Justice League LLP | Yvonne Choi
2. Do Superheroes Experience Pain? | Irene Chappell
3. Getting Out of the Batmobile's Way | Roxana Cvaci
4. With Thanks from Captain Canuck | Claudia Au
5. Games Superheroes Play | Dom Bautista
6. Counting the Days of Future Past | Wendy Matthews
7. How to Become the Flash | Dom Bautista

The Future of Superhero Learning|Is it time to say goodbye to the chalkboard? Dom Bautista discusses the new developments in adult legal education within the context of the chalkboard.

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Call: 604.685.2727

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